Bean to Bar Episode 2

It all starts with the Cacao Tree!

Cacao trees cannot be grown all over the world but only on the belts of the Equator. Precisely, it grows only 20 degrees south and 20 degrees north of the Equator. Cacao trees are grown and cocoa is produced in the following areas varying by year and the quality of cocoa: South America, Central
America, West Africa, Caribbean, and the South Pacific.

So the question is whether one type of chocolate better than the other?

Not really. It just depends on your own taste preference.  All of the chocolate is ethically sourced and grown usually on small family farms.

Most of the cacao is grown and harvested all around the year to ensure that each cacao pod is allowed to reach optimal ripeness before being picked.
The pods are then opened up by the farmers to take out the beans covered in a white and very sweet pulp.

When the beans are picked out they are then aged covered with banana leaves for a span of three to five days. Precise aging is significant in building up the flavor attributes of every chocolate.

After drying the beans are then sacked and ready to be shipped. When the beans arrive at the factory they need to be carefully sifted through and checked to get rid of any bad beans or debris before they
are sent out for the chocolate to be prepared.

Chocolate Comes from Cacao which is a Tree. This Makes Chocolate a
Plant. Chocolate is a Salad_Anonymous


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