Eating for beauty doesn’t mean a lifetime sentence of salad. Although leafy greens do wonders for your looks .But in a weird way we can say that chocolate also makes a big difference in our lives especially when it comes to our health, body, face, simply the way we look. It gives us many beauty and health rewards.
The good news is some chocolate can have significant beauty benefits. The not terribly bad news is, the only chocolate that can deliver these benefits is dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa content—which doesn’t apply to most treats found in the candy aisle at the grocery store, so choose wisely.

Helps Reduce Wrinkles
Dark chocolate helps us to fight beauty’s public enemy number one: Stress. Cocoa helps reduce stress HORMONES, which means less collagen breakdown in the SKIN and fewer WRINKLES.

Protects from UV Damage
Flavones which are found in chocolate help your skin look its best. Flavones are antioxidants that help your skin protect itself from UV damage, fight free radicals (so long, sun spots)

Dewy Skin:

Chocolate helps to increase the flow of blood which means DEWY SKIN…

Younger Looking Skin
In one study, flavones in dark chocolate even improved skin hydration and thickness—both mega important for young-looking skin.

Chocolate a BEACON of BEAUTY
“Chocolate says ‘indulgence’ like nothing else. It’s the perfect antidote to a mood swings, a broken heart and all that’s wrong with the universe, but you don’t always have to eat it to experience it. Eating chocolate does make you feel good, but using it will make you feel just drop-dead-gorgeous.

It’s pro at breaking down free radicals and works as an anti-oxidant, hydrates the skin, wards off blemishes and increases the activity of collagen. Cocoa beans are rich in magnesium, which helps stimulate the body to produce a vital hormone, progesterone that is ideal for dealing with stress-related breakouts.

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Why chocolate is great for your skin

1)      It is a fantastic natural moisturizer.

2)     Helps to protect your skin from damage

3)     Soothes skin irritation

Why chocolate is great for your hair

4)     Nourishes your locks

5)     Promotes hair growth

6)     Suitable for all hair types.

“To satisfy your daily cravings without blowing your diet, a one-ounce square in the afternoon or as a mini-dessert at after dinner is the secret to ETERNEL BEAUTY.”

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