Chocolate Covered Everything

There is hardly a thing in this world that cannot be improved with a little bit of chocolate. Still, ensuring your chocolate-covered goodies have the right amount and consistency of the good stuff will make them even more delicious than you imagined.

To create a chocolate that will harden quickly with a thick coat, we use the following recipe: (2 parts chocolate to 1 part heavy cream by weight):

2 lbs. (5-⅓cups) HERSHEY’S Kitchens Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

1 lb. (2 cups) heavy cream

Heat cream to a boil; remove from heat. Pour over chocolate.

Allow to stand several minutes. Stir until chocolate is melted. Can be used immediately or refrigerated for later use.

The real skill goes into the dipping and drying technique. Here are some tips for perfecting the art of the chocolate-covered treat.

Before diving into that gooey chocolate, choose a bowl or container that suits your dipping needs. It should be large and deep enough to fit the fresh treats you desire to smother in chocolate ganache.

Make sure your chocolate is the consistency that will work best for the treat you are dipping. If you want to thin out the chocolate, add warm milk to the prepared ganache.

As it cools, the chocolate consistency will thicken, so continue to reheat the chocolate from time to time as needed. We recommend a quick 10 second spin in the microwave on low so you don’t need to change bowls.

For a perfectly even coating, check that the chocolate is not too hot or cold. Too hot means the chocolate will run, and too cold means it will goop up before setting evenly.
Dip a utensil (or a pinkie) to ensure that the chocolate sticks and does not cluster.
Dip away! Remember to hold your treats by the side that you don’t want to submerge and swirl it around a bit for a more even coat. Don’t keep it in too long or re-dip, as that will allow the chocolate to layer.
For instance, you will want to dip a strawberry stem up. Twist and turn slowly to nail that even coating.
To cover any flaws or inconsistencies, add nuts or sprinkles while the chocolate is still setting.
Finally, let the chocolate-dipped goodies set for about 30 minutes before touching. For faster results,place in the freezer or fridge. This time is also the perfect opportunity to lick any spoons you may have used!

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