Dessert Decorating Hacks

When we get into the holiday season, we really get into it. There’s tinsel all over the tree, lights outside every window, beautifully wrapped presents everywhere, and a constant stream of gorgeously decorated baked goods coming from the kitchen.

We can do this because we’ve learned some incredible baking hacks that make decorating a lot easier. And when things go a little off, we developed some hacks to fix them.

  1. Frosting not coming out perfectly?

Noticing bits of the cake coming off into the frosting as you try to cover the surface?

No worries! Reserve one-half cup of your frosting in a separate bowl. Microwave it for 20-30 seconds until it becomes a more liquid form.

Then, top the half frosted cake (with the little bits of crumbs still there) with your choices of chopped candy bars, nuts, mini marshmallows, crumbled cookies or any combination desired.  The texture of these added ingredients will mask the cake’s imperfections.

Once you have those additional ingredients in place, drizzle the still warm, melted frosting over the cake in an organic pattern.

The frosting will coat the extra toppings and ensure they stick to the cake. Refrigerate or allow to cool completely before serving.

  • Hide the Imperfections:

This is an easy fix. A dusting of cocoa power or powdered sugar always provides a gorgeous finishing touch and masks any small imperfections.

For those larger fixes, add a dollop of sweetened whipped cream or whipped topping and garnish with chocolate shavings, cocoa dusting or a few chocolate chips or other decorative candies.

Just make sure your dessert is cool before applying any of these toppings.

  • Dial Up your Desserts:

Melt your favorite chocolate chips in the microwave, 10 seconds at a time, stirring between each nuke.

Take a small spoon of the melted chocolate while it’s still hot and lift it a few inches above the dessert. Drizzle back and forth over the dessert.

Sprinkle with desired toppings such as chopped nuts, coconut or chopped candies. Let the dessert cool so the chocolate hardens.

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