Bean To Bar Episode:01

Did you know where chocolate begins its Journey?

Chocolate’s journey to life starts as little flower in the tropical trees known as the Theobrama Cacao. Research shows that the first chocolate tree might have been originated from the Amazon Basin of Brazil or the Orinoco Valley of Venezuela. The Olmecs (1500-400BC) are believed to be the first consumers of chocolate as a drink and in fact the word ‘Cacao’ is taken from the word ‘Kakaw’ that was originated in the Mayan and ancient Zoque, the languages of the Olmec people.

Approximately 30ft tall and with the lifespan of around 25-30 years, a cacao tree takes almost 3-5 years
to bear its first fruit. The fruit is produced in form of pods which contains around 30-40 cacao beans
covered in sweet whitish pulp. A cacao tree produces around 50 pods in a year while it takes 500 or so
beans to produce 1 pound of chocolate which means one cacao tree produces only 2 pounds of
chocolate in a year. This shows that there are millions and billions of cacao trees planted around the
world which makes it possible to meet the 7 Billion people’s chocolate needs and that is why consistent
growth practices are so important.

Planning on growing your own cacao tree? Here’s how you can:

“All I Need is Love, But A Little Chocolate Now And Then Doesn’t

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